Friday, 23 January 2015

Blogger Tips: Add Your Customized Favicon To Your Blogs

Favicon is an abbreviation for website icon. By default, the blogger icon shown here on left side, is shown as the icon or Favicon of all blogger blogs.

The favicon is the standard Blogger favicon for all blogs. However, you can change this favicon to a customized favicon of your choice so that the new favicon will be shown in all your blogs!

First, we need to create a Favicon with .ico extension.
             To Create Own Favicon with .ICO Extension:
  • Visit to convert your image file into a file with .ico extension. Just upload your image file into this website and your image file will be converted into .ico file instantly.
  • Just copy the code for the converted .ico image file.
  1. Go to Blogger dashboard. Click on Edit HTML option.
  2. Locate <head> and paste the .ico image code just below that.
  3. Now preview your blog and then click on 'Save Template' tab to save the changes you have made.
  4. That's all! Open your blog to see your customized favicon in place of Blogger's default favicon.
It is very simple. Try out now! Post your comment.

Image source:Blogger